19 Tooth Gearbox Sprocket

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TEC 19 tooth gearbox drive sprocket

This will drop revs and also save you fuel

“Like having a 6th gear”

If you are sick of looking for top gear when you are already there then this is for you.

We have both 520 and 525 size sprockets for the corresponding length chain.


Triumph models from 2000 up to 2012 are 525 chain size. Triumph changed the chain size to 520 on some bikes for the 2012 model year, so if ordering for a bike from this year or beyond, check the chain size.

You can check your chain sizes on the side links of the chain it will have either 520 or 525 stamped on it.

This part will ONLY fit air-cooled Triumph Twin models.  It will not fit any water-cooled models.


31 reviews for 19 Tooth Gearbox Sprocket

  1. Perry J.

    Better mpg, no longer look for a gear that isn’t there, more relaxed fast cruising and no (noticeable) negative affect on accelleration. Fit this to your bike!

  2. Andrew R.

    Easy to fit to bike and bike goes great and the speedo seems to be spot on now having checked with sat nav.

  3. andy b.

    easy to fit and unbelievable improvement! if you do nothing else to your bike do this.

  4. Lee F.

    fitter a 19 tooth front sprocket to my Speedmaster,does what it should do.
    It drops roughly 250rpm when in fifth gear with no adverse effect on pulling away.
    The sprocket looks to me nicely made and was a good fit on the gearbox shaft.

  5. Alfie W.

    Hi good piece of kit, takes the revs down for you, so in turn saves you money. Easy to fit and well made. Would recommend.

  6. Mark H.

    Good modification better mpg no noticeible loss on exleration !

  7. irene s.

    Great part well engendered 100%

  8. Steve

    Easy to fit. 15 minutes on a paddock or centre stand, no special tools needed. No noticeable loss on acceleration but definitely more at top end. Bike seems much happier at 70.

  9. Will D.

    Good value and fits perfectly. Thanks TEC for good value well manufactured parts :thumbsup:

  10. clive r.

    great product

  11. GORDON C.

    V. Good

  12. Norman H.

    Realy well made not fitted yet

  13. Ray W.

    Easy fit and makes all the difference on the motorway commutes. Drops your revs by about 600.
    Best £13 spend in ages.

  14. William KELL (verified owner)

    Well manufactured gear sprocket. Excellent service and very fast delivery, Superb communication.

  15. Pete Kilshaw (verified owner)

    Good product that fits like a glove

  16. derek Dyke (verified owner)

    Not looking for another gear any more

  17. Lou Roberts (verified owner)

    The 19 tooth sprocket makes the 5th gear on my Bonneville America feel like it’s now got overdrive. Very happy with it. All America’s should have one.

  18. David S. (verified owner)

  19. Alan Horner (verified owner)

    This is a really nice and well made part, it has changed the way my bike feels, it is so much better not looking for 6th gear .The service from Tec is excellent. Thank you Tec parts.

  20. Nicholas (verified owner)

  21. Edward Rogers (verified owner)

    Top quality sprocket. Feels like a new bike in top gear. You need this on your bike.

  22. alun (verified owner)

    Quick and speedy delivery, very good quality item.

  23. Gina Jaruwan Ingwersen (verified owner)

    Good parts

  24. Gina Jaruwan (verified owner)

    Super duper good parts

  25. Josh (verified owner)

    Fast postage, great product quality, happy with purchase.

  26. Graham J. (verified owner)

    Good product excellent service

  27. Robert Tipton (verified owner)

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fitted to scrambler 900 good quality part arrived within a day of ordering, can’t believe the difference its made recommend this mod to everyone.

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)


  30. Mikko (verified owner)

    A good part at a good price.

  31. Keith (verified owner)

    Love it , easy install and has made a difference top end

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